Army Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Jim Crews

(Ref.: His thoughts on the game)
“That was a great ending, in terms of a home game for our seniors. That was awesome. They’ve invested so darn much. We played a lot of good basketball today until about the last three minutes. We had our opportunities in the first three minutes of the second half. We got careless with the ball down the stretch, and you can’t do that. The first half, from an offensive standpoint was great. Jarell (Brown) took four shots and hit all four, and we had 37 points at half. We did a lot of good things, and that was good to see. I thought we were close in the second half to having some good offense, but never really could kick it in. That was a great win for us.”

(Ref.: Army’s hot start)
“That might have been as good of basketball, particularly from an offensive standpoint, that we’ve played. I thought Cleveland (Richard) took the ball to the bucket. Doug (Williams) did some good things, and I thought Chris Walker came in and did some good things with us. We had a good balance, and that’s we’ve been trying to strive for and work for.”

(Ref.: The Patriot League Tournament)
“It’s going to come down to playing good basketball on Wednesday night. Lehigh does a good job of not beating themselves. It’s hard to describe, but they really control the tempo. (Marquis) Hall is a terrific player. He knows when to go fast and when to go slow. They play tough defensively, but they don’t stretch it out so they make you earn each bucket. It comes down to being able to do the things that we work on and try to make as our habits. We’ll try and get better in the next couple of days to try and get better on Wednesday. A lot of people across the country, when they talk about their league, say that anyone can beat anyone. I would argue that nobody’s league is any more wide open than ours. Everyone is going in probably feeling pretty good.”

Senior G Jarell Brown

(Ref.: Getting a win on senior day)
“It meant a lot. The seniors wanted to come out and put it out all on the floor at Christl Arena for one last hurrah. It feels good to come out with a win.”

(Ref.: His 11 points in the first eight minutes)
“The team is going to look to someone to jump start us and get us going in the right direction. It was good to step up and knock in a few shots at the beginning. The team just rode the momentum.”

(Ref.: His fellow seniors)
“We came in as freshman and wanted to turn this program around. It took a little longer than we wanted it to, but we got this program going in the right direction, and the underclassman can keep it going, getting more and more wins.”

(Ref.: The team’s mindset entering the postseason)
“We’re all positive right now. This is the time that every Division I college player looks forward to. It’s March Madness time and time to try and get into the NCAA Tournament. We’re 110 percent focused on winning three straight and getting to where we want to be.”


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