Army Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Jim Crews

“Lafayette is really tough to guard. I think they are the toughest team in our league to guard. They have great spacing and great movement. They have counters for all your little things you might tweak in your defense. I think Fran (O’Hanlon) does a great job with that. I thought defensively, we did a good job. We sustained ourselves. When we started keeping people in front of us a little bit better, our defense got better. I thought our rebounding got better in the second half. In the first half, they had nine offensive rebounds and that hurt us. We let (Andrew) Brown get away from us a few times in the first half, and if you do that he’s going to knock them in constantly. Our offense got better as the game went along. I thought Josh (Miller) and Marcus (Nelson) did a good job of taking the ball to the bucket when they had opportunities and finishing some plays.”

(Ref.: His team's offensive play)
“I think in particular Marcus and Josh went strong to the bucket, and took good shots at the bucket. They were switching on the perimeter and that encourages you to drive more. Everyone obviously knows where Jarell is, so that takes away help-side defense momentarily.”

(Ref.: Marcus Nelson’s performance)
“Those were good shots. At times Marcus has taken some low-percentage shots, but tonight, when he went to the bucket, I thought those were excellent shots because he was attacking the rim and going that way instead of backing away from it. He did a very good job defensively too.”

(Ref.: Lafayette’s offense)
“They did miss a few good-looking shots, but we did a pretty good job of pressuring shots. They stretch you out. They have enough shooters all around and they get great ball reversal. They really make a threat. They’re either cutting to the bucket or shooting threes, and that’s a dilemma you’re in.”

(Ref.: The team’s seniors)
“With the seniors, it’s always mixed emotions. You’re extremely proud and happy for what they’ve accomplished and what they’ve gone through graduating from college, especially the Academy is a wonderful thing. They’ve been resilient and successful and handled adversity as well as anyone can. Grant and Jarell have been banged up and hurt. Corban didn’t even dress his freshman year, and has really had a nice career. Ryan Hodgson is playing more than he’s ever played. I mentioned to the team last year in the middle of practice that no one is more valuable to our program than Ryan Hodgson. What he represents, how he handles himself, how he’s always serving other players what a great leader, what a great mentality he has. Those four guys have been very special. When you go into the last home game, it’s tough because you have to have your emotions in check, and it’s hard to keep them in check when you have guys like that.”

Sophomore G Marcus Nelson

(Ref.: Avenging the earlier 83-58 season loss at Lafayette)
“That loss (at Lafayette) was very embarrassing. That’s what the seniors got in our heads from the beginning, even in practice. The last time they came out and embarrassed us. What we wanted to do was a make a defensive statement from the beginning and make sure they didn’t the points they got last time.”

(Ref.: His career-high 15 points)
“I just took advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves. They decided to play us out to the halfcourt line which gave us opportunities to drive, especially from the wing. I was able to knock a couple in. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep a consistent scoring effort.”

(Ref.: The amount of driving to the basket the team did)
“Coach has been stressing how we’ve been able to actually get the ball into the middle quite well in the last few games, but a lot of times we didn’t do a good job of finishing. This game, we did a better job of finishing and got points when we were in the paint.”


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