Army Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Zach Spiker
(Ref.: his overall thoughts)
"I thought we were pretty good at the beginning of the game. We were able to get some turnvoers and cause some loose balls, but we had trouble getting to the 50-50 balls. They had seven threes in the first half, and I think at least three of them were off loose balls. It wasn't even their offense. As crazy as it sounds, I thought we guarded them okay in the first half. They were exactly what we always talk about - momentum changing plays, and they don't discriminate. They don't always work for the Black Knights, and they certainly didn't tonight. Give Lafayette credit. They shot 51 percent from three for the game. Any time a team shoots 51 percent, you're going to have a hard time keeping up with them."

(Ref.: Army's good start offensively)
"The difference in the margin was small, but the discrepancy in terms of tempo and style of play was large. We were headed down a slippery slope. I think those loose balls magnified a couple of plays from that standpoint. It was frustrating. Once you get down by certain amount, you do want to play a little bit quicker, but we weren't able to do it."

(Ref.: Senior Day on Saturday versus Bucknell)
"I don't think anyone could have asked more out of these seven guys after going through what they have had to go through since they came back in August. It's been difficult, and they've handled it well. HOpefully, we can send them out on a positive note. Like we've been talking about for the last week and a half, it's another three-day season. We have two days of practice to prepare and then a game against Bucknell. We'll start getting ready tomorrow."
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