Postgame Quotes

Army Head Coach Jim Crews

(Ref.: The difference between the first and second  halves)
“As well as we played defensively in the first half, that’s how poor we were in the second half. We didn’t get our defense set in the second half very often. They took it to the bucket, they shot threes, and we did not have our defense set. When we get set, we have a chance to be pretty good defensively. They went small and really kept us spread out.”

(Ref.: Clif Colbert's contribution to Navy's comeback)
“(Clif) Colbert hit two big threes, and that’s what happens sometimes in games. He’s not really a three-point shooter, but he hit two big ones for them. You just never know.”

Senior G Jarell Brown
(Ref.: The defensive effort)
“During any game with whatever defense you’re in, there’s going to be an open man at some point. It’s just a matter of who capitalizes on that.”

(Ref.: Coming 20 minutes from sweeping Navy for the first time in 16 years)
“There’s a lot of things in this program that are rare, and we’d like to be the team to accomplish those things. Not only sweeping Navy, but also winning the tournament. It was definitely an important game for us. We wanted to come out and give it all we had. We just couldn’t get it done. We had the effort, and we had the fight, it was just a matter of a couple of possessions.”

(Ref.: The meaining of winning the Star Game)
“It’s a big trophy to get. It means that you’re on top of your fellow service academy. It’s a little big of bragging rights. It lets them know that you got the advantage this year. It’s definitely a big deal, and we’re disappointed wed didn’t get it. Hopefully, we can learn from this, finish the regular season strong and go right into the league tournament.”

(Ref.: What it's going to take to stop the four-game losing streak)
“It’s going to be to continue to have the effort and fight that we need. We need to tighten things up and take every possession for what it’s worth. We have to value every possession and rebound. We’ve played those types of games before so we know we’re capable of it. We just have to reach that level and maintain it for the full 40 minutes.”

Sophomore G Josh Miller
(Ref.: His feelings following the game)
“We’re obviously disappointed because we didn’t get the win. We were looking to see the seniors go out on top, sweeping Navy and getting that trophy. I felt like we played pretty well, but they capitalized on their open shots and really knocked them down. You have to give credit to Navy for playing a good game.”

(Ref.: What allowed them to get out to the first-half lead)
“We have to do the fundamentals that coach always talks about. It’s the little things like rebounding, getting our hands up so they’re not taking open shots. I think those are the things that got us the lead and control of the game.”

(Ref.: The upcoming Patriot League Tournament)
“I think we’re a team that no one wants to play in the playoffs. You throw out the records in the playoffs. Anybody can beat anybody. Everybody is hungry and wants to get to the Big Dance.’ I think we have as good of a shot as anybody.”

(Ref.: Having done things this season that past Army teams have not done)
“It shows the growth of this program, and the individual development of players like Jarell (Brown). Ryan (Hodgson) stepped up big today. He hasn’t really played in four years, and he played well today. You have to congratulate them on the development they’ve had over their four years, and making it possible for guys like myself and Cleveland Richard and Marcus Nelson and the other young guys to come in and do well and hopefully propel this program in a forward direction.”

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