Army Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Zach Spiker
(Ref.: stopping Chris Harris)
"It felt good to execute our game plan. Any time you can keep their best player, and I don't care what the stats say, Chris Harris is a terrific basketball player. Today was a tough day shooting for him, but we did a good job."

(Ref.: the team's defense)
"They have other players, and we did a good job of defending the three on all of them today. It starts with Chris Harris. You have to keep in check and be physical, and I thought the guys did a good job today."

(Ref.: switching up the lineup)
"We know who the energy givers are. We like those guys on the court as much as we can. They produced and they did a great job today. You can't say enought about Mitch McDonald - eight points, three rebounds, three assists - and he only played 20 minutes."

(Ref.: his team's mentality)
"Anytime you can get a win, you're probably the more aggressive team. I felt like we were the aggressor on defense today."

(Ref.: winning the Star game for the seniors)
"Today was a great day to be a Black Knight for everyone in our program, especially these seven seniors. I'm just so proud of them. I tried to get them in there at the end so they could play together and just have that feeling of accomplishing the star. I'm very happy."

Senior C Chris Walker
(Ref.: his emotion after the game)
"It's an unbelievable feeling right now. EVery year, whether at home or at their place, we would lose the Star game. Coming in here and winning like we did feels really good."

(Ref.: his offensive performance)
"From the last game, they played off us (post players) a lot, so we were going to use Eric (Zastoupil) and I to dribble handoff and set some screens to get the guards going. Wilson got in foul trouble and I started feeling pretty good. I started hitting shots."

(Ref.: his confidence)
"You just don't think. It's the only way I can explain it. You don't think, you just take what the defense gives you. I used my left and my right, whatever they would give me."

(Ref.: using this win as a springboard)
"This is a great opportunity. We have string of home games coming up. It would be a great time for us to get going and get to six wins in the Patriot League. We'll do what we can to get as good of a seed in the Patriot League Tournament as we can."

(Ref.: winning the Star game)
"It feels like four years of hard work finally came to fruition. It just all kind of came to a head this afternoon. It was great. I'll never forget this."

Junior G Mitch McDonald
(Ref.: the team's motivation)
"As everybody knows, we went down there (Navy) and dropped one we should have had. Coming into this game, we had that motivation from that loss. Knowing that this was some of the guys' last game (versus Navy), we had that extra push that we needed."

(Ref.: his defensive play)
"My entire focus was making sure O.J. (Avworo) didn't have a chance to penetrate and find open guys. That's their entire offense. That was my focus. I knew if I got that done, we'd win the game."

(Ref.: what he brings to the team)
"I love it. I love being called an energy guy. It's up to me to get the team going and get them motivated so we can come out and win like this."

(Ref.; an added incentive for him)
"Cleveland Richard was one of my high school teammates and this was his last Navy game so I had to go out and perform for him."

(Ref.: the celebration in the locker room)
"There was a lot of jumping around. The clock went off, but we were still energized."

(Ref.: how they found out they were wearing the new jerseys)
"We were sitting in the team room having our little pregame meal and we saw them roll the white jerseys into the locker room, but they wouldn't let us come in. We were a little bit confused. They turned the lights off in the locker room and we went in and watched film for a little bit. When they turned the lights on, these new jerseys were in our lockers. That got everybody amped up."

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