Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Jim Crews

(Ref.: His overall impressions of the game)
“We had two free throws when we were down four points. Free throws hurt us. There were a lot of things that hurt us. In the first half, we gave up four old-fashioned three-point plays on soft fouls. They shot 14 out of 18 which means they were getting layups in various ways off penetration, offensive rebounds, and throwing it in the post. That wasn’t very good on our part. A lot of times we got the ball in decent position offensively, but didn’t complete plays. We make a decent pass or a decent move and there’s an end game to that, and that end game is putting the ball in the bucket. We don’t seem to have that mentality sometimes. I thought we missed some inside things and some free throws, and gave them some inside things so we just couldn’t get over the hump.”

(Ref.: Holy Cross weathering Army’s comeback try)
“They did a good job and didn’t panic. We got them to turn it over quite a bit in the first half, but they stayed with things. They really played Jarell, and were just hugging him wherever he went. That’s why we got some good opportunities inside. We have to be able to complete things better.”

(Ref.: Army’s comeback attempt)
“We didn’t get it close enough to make it uncomfortable for them. We were just about a play or two away from that a few times. They played better than us. They deserved to win.”

(Ref.: Saturday’s game at Lehigh)
“The league is all over the place so each game is a big one. We played well for a half against Lehigh and probably had our best start to a game since I’ve been here. We jumped out 17-2, but they kept plugging away and we didn’t make the plays at the end at got beat. That was a real heartbreaker for us. Everyone in the league has had some good wins, and everybody has had some disappointing losses. It certainly makes it interesting. We’ll see where we are.”

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