Army vs. Colgate Postgame Quotes

Senior G Jarell Brown
(Ref.: His game-winning shot)
“It was one our out-of-bounds plays that we always run, and we knew we needed a quick shot. I was just trying to come off the closest screen and get the cleanest look possible.”

(Ref.: His one-on-one battle with Tim Pounds)
“He’s been playing me pretty good for the last three or four years. It’s a friendly little battle, and we always like to come out on top at the end of the game like we did this time.”

(Ref.: Having almost a week off between games)
“It was a good week of practice. We got to have some rest and clean up a few things. It’s good to come back fresh and full of energy and try to finish off the second half of the season strong.”

(Ref.: How the layoff affected his back injury)
“Any day of rest is good. The season is long, and you have to nurse the wounds that you have and come at it again stronger the next game.”

Head Coach Jim Crews

(Ref.: His thoughts on the game)

“We told the guys over the last couple of days that this would be a grind-it-out game, a possession game, and probably an ugly game. I’m usually not right on many things, but I nailed that one. Our guys really hung in there. We let it slip a little bit. I think we had a five-point lead, and I don’t know exactly what happened. It was a tough game. Chones is all man inside. Woodhouse has tremendous length. Colgate has probably the best poster in the league in Chones. Woodhouse is such a long kid, and he can really pass the ball inside. We dropped off him to try and eliminate that, but then he just crashes the boards. He dictates things from a defensive standpoint with blocked shots. It was a tough game and a great win for us.”

(Ref.: His team's energy level)
“I don’t know what it is, but on the road, we may not win and we may not play well, but we look like we have so much more energy. We look like we’re in quicksand (at home). We really had a short practice yesterday, and they had a lot of energy. I turned to Coach Platt on the bench about eight minutes into the game and told him it looked like every single step is hard and everything is methodical. I think Colgate gets you to do that. Their style, I can’t really pinpoint what it is, but they have good poise and tempo. They’ll run something, then they’ll run something else, and then they’ll run another thing and that’s on one possession. They kind of get you in a tempo that you really don’t want to play.”

(Ref.: Some of the key players in the game)
“That’s probably the most offensive rebounds we’ve had, but I don’t know how many buckets we got off those. Doug (Williams) and Corban (Bates) did a great job of knocking the ball back out, and really we didn’t turn the ball over all that much. Grant Carter, I loved it, he made the winning pass. He had a decent look at the end, but didn’t knock that in. Any time he has can shoot the ball and get a good look, I’ll take the odds on that. He bounced back. I think he was in for a total of about 13 seconds and made the winning pass. That’s what you need. I’m happy for the seniors. That’s great.”

(Ref.: The last half of the Patriot League season)
“The league is completely bi-polar or something. I don’t know what we are. It’s strange how it’s gone. It looks like someone is down on the mat and they come right back. We beat Bucknell and they came back with a very good win at Colgate. We beat Navy at Navy and then they went and beat American at American. It’s all across the league like that. It’s fun. It’s what the league should be about.”

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