Army Postgame Quotes

Senior G Marcus Nelson
(Ref.: having the week off to rehab his injured ankle)

"It was another step getting closer to healthy. The week off did help, and it's just a blessing to be out there and trying to help my teammates get a win."

(Ref.: his defensive job on Kyle Roemer)

"I never really say it's the defense. I guess we got kind of lucky. He came out and scored 29 or 30 points in his last game. It's really tough to guard a guy that's so strong and has such great touch, especially from the three-point line, so I think we lucked out a little. We did do a good job of help-side defense and having five guys playing him."

(Ref.: starting the second trip through the league with a win)
"It's a big step. Getting into with a win instead of a four-game losing streak is great for morale. We have a lot of home games coming up, and hopefully this crowd comes out again to give us support."

(Ref.: having five of the last seven at home)

"It's definitely a little bit more comfortable. It's unfortunate that we couldn't get that extra push on the road, but at the same time, we can still take advantage."

Head Coach Zach Spiker

(Ref.: his overall thoughts on the game)
"As always, I thought playing at home gave us a little extra energy. I thought we did a good job taking care of the basketball - in particular Josh Miller. 31 minutes, five assists and zero turnovers. Obviously when you give up 49 points over the course of a 40-minute basketball game you feel like you have a chance to win."

(Ref.: Julian Simmons scoring early after he called a timeout with Colgate up 6-0)
"We all know that Julian can score in bunches, but I think people underestimate his value on the court. He's gotten some big rebounds for us. I think that timeout, was just a chance for us to regroup. I think we fall in love with the three, just like every other team in America. The fewer we take, the more efficient we are and the more productive we are. The guys know that. We executed offensively. They played some zone, and I thought we did a good job getting the ball inside of that."

(Ref.: Marcus Nelson's defensive effort)
"Marcus is a terrific defender as we all know, on the ball and off the ball. He wasn't 100 percent for a stretch here, but he's definitely back at it now. It's fun to watch these guys defend the way they are right now."

(Ref.: starting the second time through the leauge with a win)
"Every game is important right now. We're two games below .500 in the league, but we're moving in the right direction. We have a chance to make another statement on Wednesday. Every win is very important. They're so hard to come by in this league since it's so even and so balanced. It's a terrific sign for our guys to come and be ready to play. There were a lot of different things going on. It was a noon game, but we were ready to go and got the win."
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