Postgame Quotes

Army Head Coach Jim Crews

(Ref.: His overall thoughts on the game)
“I thought we had great effort. (Garrison) Carr and (Derrick) Mercer, we really wanted to do a job on them, particularly Carr from three. I thought we did well in the first half with that. At the same, they were able to penetrate. We didn’t keep the ball in front of us and that really opened up some things. I think (Brian) Gilmore was 5 for 5 and 3 out of 3 from three in the first half. They had other guys hit those threes because of penetration. I thought they really hurt on the offensive boards in the first half. The penetration in the first half and the offensive boards really hurt us. Their center had a heck of a game for them too.”

(Ref.: American's team this season)
“I was very, very impressed with them. They have plenty of quickness, plenty of length and plenty of size inside, and they have plenty of shooters. They have a really good combination of guys.”

(Ref.: His team's play)
“We just have to get better at executing things and understanding things. I can’t fault the effort though. I thought our guys gave tremendous effort to tell you the truth.”

(Ref.: Establishing a scorer to compliment Jarell Brown)
“I thought Cleveland was very active in the second half. In the first half, I thought we did some things to put him in a position to score and he didn’t even get a shot off. We have to have other guys score a little bit, and we’re still searching for that.”

(Ref.: The Patriot League this season)
“There is no doubt that there is a lot of parity in this league. Every game is a season in itself. It’s an interesting season right now.”

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