Postgame Quotes

Army Head Coach Jim Crews

(Ref.: Lehigh’s comeback)
“We played well in the first half, but there were some plays that caught up with us later in the second half. We had a loose-ball situation where if we just grab the ball we have a layup, but instead we didn’t pick it up and they hit a three-pointer for a five-point swing. We were doing a lot of good things defensively. We were nine up at the half, but we should have been up by about 14. In the second half, we just played like a tired team. I thought we didn’t have much sharpness defensively. We can’t give up 35 points in any half, and we know that. We had costly turnovers and some ill-advised shots as well. We didn’t have a lot of them, but they came at the wrong time.”

(Ref.: The team’s defensive effort)
“For the most part, we did a pretty good job defensively. What we do sometimes is anticipate and get a steal within the confines of being sound. We did everything fundamentally right. Then, the next time down it’s like we’re the fight-grader and you’re the third-grader and we’re going to just try and take the ball away. We have to be sound and still get those defensive plays. For the most part, we did that, but there were two plays I remember that where we got overanxious and broke down fundamentally. That hurt us.”

(Ref.: The parity in the Patriot League this season)
“Obviously, I haven’t seen everybody yet, but I don’t know that there’s a whole lot of difference between most of us. It’s going to be like this. I don’t think home and away has a whole lot to do with anything.”

(Ref.: Putting this game behind them and moving on to American)
“You have to learn. It’s interesting, you have to move forward, but you don’t want to forget. If you’re in denial, you’re not going to improve as much. We have to do a good job of seeing what’s there, evaluating ourselves, including the coaches, and seeing where we can improve. Our thing is we just want to keep getting better and better. We played a lot of good basketball today. We just couldn’t put things away like we needed to. We couldn’t get stops when we needed to, and we’re pretty good defensively most of the time.”

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