Army Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Zach Spiker

(Ref.: turning the ball over just five times)
"It means we're getting better. We're taking steps in the right direction, hopefully at the right time of year. I'm proud of the way we valued the basketball, and hopefully we can continue to build on that as we head into league play."

(Ref.: getting a win after two straight losses)
"I think it's good for the guys to get a little confidence and get back in the routine of what it's like to get a win. It was a relatively close game down the stretch. It wasn't like we walked away at the end. We had to hit some foul shots and execute some things defensively, and I thought we did a good job of that."

(Ref.: the first half offensive performance)
"Struggling? Five for 27, struggling would be an understatement. We did not shoot the ball well in the first half, but to the guys credit they hung in there. Julian (Simmons) was 0 for 5 in the first half, but he hit some big shots in the second half. He broke the game open with some of his momentum threes. Cleveland was also very good in some certain actions. We're going to have to deal with adversity, and certainly more adversity than that in league play. I'm glad they responded on what they were dealt with."

(Ref.: starting 10-4)
"Obviously, the record is good for the guys to have the confidence, but more importantly, I think we've had a number of really good practices and we've improved. The games are certainly what we're judged on and we've won more than we've lost, but I think we've improved. I'm very happy with where we are, regardless of our record."

(Ref.: offensive rebounding)
"Thirteen (offensive) rebounds is good. I didn't feel like we had as many momentum changing plays, but we had some hustle plays. We got the ball out and ran some offense and burn a little clock. All of that is a positive. We just have to build on it now."

(Ref.: the Colgate game)
"Records don't mean much this time of year. We're 10-4, and Colgate is going to be 4-10 after they won tonight, but they've strung some wins together. They're playing very well. We're going to Colgate and it's going to take an exceptional effort up there to win."

Senior G Josh Miller
(Ref.: the team's performance)
"We knew coming into the game that we had to have a renewed focus and a renewed energy. After going 0-2 against SMU and Portland over the break, we knew we had to come in with a renewed focus and really go hard. We executed on both sides of the ball."

(Ref.: his first-half scoring effort)
"I was fortunate because they got me open. Cleveland (Richard) was making great plays off the ball. We ran a couple of things for him to be a playmaker. Julian (Simmons) was taking great shots, he just wasn't making them. Those same shots in the second half fell. That was the difference. I was fortunate mine were falling the first half. Those guys definitely stepped it up in the second half."

(Ref.: doing different things to win)
"From one through 16 guys that suit up, we all have that focus that whatever needs to go done - if you need to take a charge or slide up and switch - that's what we were going to do as a team. We always cover for our guys and have each other's back. Whatever needs to be done, we're going to do it. You might play 20 minutes, or you might play three minutes, you just have to make the most of your opportunity."

(Ref.: starting Patriot League play)
"Each game is important. We take it one game at a time and one drill at a time. We don't look at any one game as more important than another. We just focus on the next task at hand. This is a key part of the season, and we're going to have a different focus. We're playing for a championship here. That's what our goal is."
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