Army vs. Portland Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Jim Crews
(Ref.: Jarell Brown’s performance)
“I can’t say enough at Jarell. He did not practice one second in either of the last two practices, and we didn’t know if he was going play. He went 39 minutes the other night and his foot got really sore. He really did a great job and really produced in the second half.”

(Ref.: Winning another close game)
“We’ve played a lot of tough games that have gone right down to the wire, and I thought our guys did a good job tonight of making plays. Jarell’s second half was excellent.

(Ref.: The team’s reduced turnovers in the last two games)
“I think the last two games that our ball handling has gotten better and our turnovers have gone down. We had 11 tonight and 13 the other night, and I think we were averaging about 18 before that. That was good.”

(Ref.: The bench’s contribution)
“We had some guys come off the bench. I think Corban (Bates) and Grant (Carter) did a great job. Grant hit a big three for us, and Corban hit a couple of buckets. He made some big offensive rebounds to keep possessions going, and drew a couple of charges.”

(Ref.: The team fighting adversity)
“These guys have really shown great resilience. We’ve kind of been scattered all over the place. Doug (Williams) didn’t play the first six games, and he’s key, and then the game before he comes back, Chris breaks his nose. I think he missed only one game, but he was playing with a mask he couldn’t see through very well. Josh (Miller) and Jarell (Brown) have been out a little bit. Defensively, you have to create good habits and offensively, it’s such a rhythmic game that you have to get used to playing with each other. Our guys have done a good job for really not being together very much.”

(Ref.: Portland’s rebounding advantage)
“They did a good getting to the boards. They probably got more offensive rebounds than anybody else against us all year. We’ve done a pretty good job rebounding.”

(Ref.: Josh Miller’s blocked shot that prevented Portland from making it a two-point game)
“That was a huge defensive play. That was a quick turnaround, and you have to stay with it. That was a big play.”

(Ref.: His assessment with league play starting next week)
“We’re getting better. I have no doubt about that. What we kind of say is that we’re not where we want to be but it’s better than where we used to be. The kids are doing a good job.”

Senior Guard Jarell Brown
(Ref.: Coming back after Wednesday’s one-point loss)
“We made sure we remembered how that last loss felt. That was a lot of motivation for today. We couldn’t feel sorry for ourselves. We had to correct some things, and we did.”

(Ref.: His teammates’ play)
“Other guys stepped up. They threw a lot of their guys at me, and the big men that were screening like Doug (Williams) and Chris (Walker) stepped to the ball, our guards got them the ball and they finished. It’s great to have that second and third option to relieve some of the pressure. That was a key to our victory today.”

(Ref.: Portland’s defense, especially in the first half)
“I felt I was being guarded pretty well. It wasn’t a surprise, teams do that. I have to take that and try to make other players on the team better. I can’t force shots. The shots will come, and our offense we’ll keep on going. We’ll get good looks, and when I finally get one, I have to capitalize on it.”

(Ref.: His recent shooting streak)
“You just have to keep on getting in the gym. The more fluid and more consistent your jumper is, the more of a threat you can be. Then when teams start getting out and pressuring, that’s when you go to the shot fakes and getting into the corps of the defense and either dishing off or taking the pull up. Teams are always going to take away one of your strongest threats so you’re going to have to figure other ways to maintain your level of performance.”

(Ref.: His nine three-pointers versus Brown)
“It was just one of those days when I was feeling it. I didn’t think twice. It was coming off my hand perfectly and going on. You can’t ask for much more than that.’

(Ref.: His feelings on where the team stands)
“I feel good. We’re making improvement, and we’ll continue to make improvements. It’s a long season, and you can’t be satisfied with where we’re at now. When we get into league play, we have to keep on getting wins. We can’t be satisfied. We always have to keep improving, but we’re in a good spot right now.”

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