Schuyler Williamson Diary

Schuyler Williamson Diary

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Catcher Schuyler Williamson enters his junior season with Army with high expectations. Last season, Williamson enjoyed a “breakout” campaign in which he batted .299 with seven doubles, three triples, five home runs and 28 runs batted in. This season, he is co-captain of the Black Knights and is leading the team from behind the plate. Be sure to check back often as Williamson will share his thoughts about the team's progress and whatever else is on his mind throughout the 2004 season.

April 30, 2004

I am sorry for such a late entry, but school has been really time-consuming lately. I would say that the lack of sleep and increase in stress is hurting the team, but we are still doing fine.

Yesterday’s display of hitting was impressive. All of the guys, including myself, cannot wait until school is over with so we can concentrate solely on baseball. The most important weekend of the season is next weekend, though. I know, personally, that next weekend will probably be my worst this semester. With all of the end-of-year projects coming to a close, I will spend the majority of the night and my sleep time writing papers to turn in. There is one thing for sure though, and that is when Thursday and Friday nights come around I will not be spending my time on school work. I am going to bed early, and getting ready for the playoff weekend. Sometimes an athlete has to make sacrifices to perform better on the field. Maybe it is just a mindset that I have, but I feel more focused and strong when I have a lot of sleep in me from the previous night. Don’t get the wrong impression, though. I will just have to finish the projects earlier in the week. It is not like I would turn in an incomplete project ... that isn’t the way I do things.

We found out Wednesday the third place team in the Patriot League is Lehigh. Lafayette and Lehigh were the two teams I felt provided the best competition for us this year in the conference. Both teams swing the bat very well, and have very good pitching. I honestly can’t say that we’d rather player either team. The only thing I am sure of is that we must show up to the park ready to play. Both of these teams have had their backs against the wall to make the playoffs, and they performed well when they had to. Their senior leadership is very evident in every game they play, and because of that they both will be truly tough to beat.

I have talked of mindset, confidence, and leadership all year long. These are the main differences between this year’s team and last year’s team. We have a purpose when we show up to the park, and we have the leadership on hand to keep us on track to achieve that purpose. The team wants this championship more than anything right now. It runs through my mind all day long. If you ask any person on the team right now, they will tell you they want to play the games today. Next weekend cannot come fast enough. I can’t say anything more, but that we will be prepared for the tournament next week. It is one of our main goals this year -- to win the league championship.


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