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Schuyler Williamson Diary

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Following a record-setting season in which he was named Patriot League "Co-Player of the Year," Army catcher Schuyler Williamson was named a third team preseason All-America by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association. A candidate for the Johnny Bench Award, presented annually to the nationís top catcher, Williamson documented last seasonís championship season through regular journal entries at Once again, he has agreed to provide readers an inside look at the Army baseball program through his insights. Be sure to check back often as Armyís senior team captain shares his thoughts about the squadís progress as it attempts to become the first baseball team in school history to capture league titles in consecutive years.

June 1, 2005

After accomplishing our goals of breaking the wins record and obtaining another Patriot League championship, the team has set its sights on a regional championship. We were really fortunate to schedule two games against a tough opponent like Rhode Island to fill some of the void we felt affected our post season play last year. Three weeks is a little long to wait to play and still be at the level you ended at, but with this series we were able to work on some things to get us more prepared to play.

This year, the time off was decreased to two weeks. We were all really excited about this. Even though we had no real direction in what to prepare for, we had time to fine-tune some of the things we felt were not at the level needed to be successful.

This past week we were able to scrimmage and measure how productive our practices had been. The team looked very good, and I, unlike last year, feel like we are mentally and physically ready to play. Of course, the experience from last year helps a lot in terms of our confidence.

Going to a place like Florida State is a real treat for a program like ours. We do not get a lot of chances to play in parks like this one. In a lot of ways it is what a lot of high school players dream of. They dream of being able to make a team that gets this chance on an every-day basis. Growing up in Florida, I was able to see stadiums like Florida State and Auburn. These guys really have something special.

This weekend is going to be a lot of fun, and another learning experience for the young guys. Playing in front of a crowd like Florida State's is a lot different than what we encounter. We are really going to try and focus on our communication so the noise doesn't affect us. I think this is going to be the hardest thing for us to adjust to. Other than changing a few things to handle the noise we did not do too much to prepare for Florida State. We are going to try stay with our same game plan, and do the little things right. Hopefully, if we do this we will be in a position to win the game late.

The team is really excited to play, and I feel like our mindset now is stronger than ever. With Graduation behind the seniors, our boys are thinking of only baseball and what we have to do to win. Friday night should be a lot of fun, and a good memory for the team to remember when we think back to our days of college baseball.


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