Fielders' Choice: Blog 4

Harold Earls

Harold Earls

May 8, 2014

Junior infielder Harold Earls will provide fans an inside look at the Army baseball team throughout the 2014 season.

Earls, from Cumming, Ga., is a two-year letterwinner. He was the Patriot League Rookie of the Year after his stellar freshman campaign and followed that be being named to the 2013 Patriot League All-Tournament Team.

With graduation upon us, yesterday our team voted on the Team’s MVP and other prestigious awards. I, however, felt a lot of prestigious awards and superlatives were left out, so I added a few of my own.

Disclaimer: please in no way take personal offense. All of these were chosen in a completely arbitrary manor by me but I had many teammates help me come up with the superlatives.

Most likely to take a thug mug shot: Grant Van Orden
Most likely to get a perm: Phil Tonseth
Nicest build: Pat Mescher
Most nurturing teammate: John Malcolm
Friendliest: Tyler Williams
Most likely to fight someone innocent: Alex Robinett
Most likely to tell a story that doesn’t make any sense: Brian Hapeman
Most likely to succeed: Herbert (see previous blog entry)
Nicest beak: close tie between Herbert and Gunnar Carroll
Most likely to steal a cookie from the cookie jar: Justin French
Most likely to steal the entire jar of cookies: Justin French
Most likely to get upset because of his height: Ben Smith
Most well rounded: Erik Washburn
Prettiest eyes: Justin Thiel
Most likely to get put on the Army Weight Control Program:  Mark Mccants
Most likely to become an Eskimo one day: Jacob Page and Justin Reese Reece
Most likely to get in a random philosophical debate: Nick Dignacco
Most likely to smile at the wrong time: Kris Lindner
Most likely to participate in next years’ kids camp: Harold Earls
Most optimistic: Hapeman
Most underrated player: Josh Borowicz
Most likely to play a baseball game with his dog tags on: Jon Crucitti
Most likely to hit a home run foul: Alex Jensen
Most likely to have kids first: Harold Earls
Most likely to never get married: Carroll
Most likely to quietly take over the world: Patrick  Gardner
Best dancer: David Monge
Most likely to donate a batters eye:  Connor Love
Most likely to be late: Carson Meadows
Most likely to drop something: Reece
Most likely to choke somebody out: Taylor Goucher
Team Mom: Phil Tonseth
Most nurturing teammate: Malcolm
Manliest: Col. Baskerville
Player who wishes the most he could be in the starting rotation: Coach Matt Smith
Best Inspirational Speaker: Head coach Matt Reid
Most likely to get wet driving to work: Coach Anthony DeCicco
Most Athletic: Kenny O’Mary
Least likely to dunk a basketball: Mr. Yanoshak

Fellas, it has always been a privilege to live with, eat with and play alongside you all. I love you all and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Army Baseball Family.

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