Behind The Plate: Blog #7

J.T. Watkins

J.T. Watkins

May 3, 2012

Senior catcher J.T. Watkins will take Army baseball fans on a journey throughout the 2012 season through his blog Behind the Plate. Watkins, who is serving as one of the Black Knights' co-captains this year, was an All-Patriot League selection last season. Check back weekly to follow along with the inside happenings of the Army baseball team.

It's a new week. After a .500 weekend against Holy Cross, we are looking to continue to learn and get better. Despite the La Salle game getting cancelled, we still have something to look forward to this weekend against Bloomfield. They're a very talented team, and we're looking forward to playing again. Baseball isn't usually a sport in which you have to wait a week to play again, so not playing for five days isn't something we're used to, but it does give us a chance to take a breath as we prepare for this weekend, and of course the Patriot League playoffs. It also gives us a chance to break things down and go back to the basics before we play Lafayette a week and a half from now.

Our team has done some pretty special things up to this point in the season, but we're not satisfied. Our pitching and defense has certainly kept us in ballgames of late. It's been a fun team to be around with this being the last season here at Army. It's a young team in some ways, but the energy that we bring to practice every day is something that separates our team from other teams. Guys come to the ballpark every day looking to get better, and we feed off of each other that way. We're looking forward to another challenge this weekend against a good opponent here at home.

Let's go get it.



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