Army Press Conference Quotes

June 3, 2012

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Head Coach Joe Sottolano
(Ref.: opening statement)
"It was a good ballgame. My hat goes off to Oklahoma; they hung in there. We knew that Oklahoma was going to be a ballclub that we would have to help offensively. We had to throw strikes and compete and take care of the baseball, and I thought we did that. Logan (Lee) threw the ball well, but we needed to produce more offensively. Pitchers on both sides did a nice job of not giving anything away. Oklahoma played a solid game defensively. They threw a kid out at the plate on an absolute bang-bang play, and those (types of plays) were the difference makers in the game. We made some great plays, laying out (for the ball). Those are the types of ballgames that can go either way, and when you come out on the back end of that, you can live with it. Yesterday was tough because we didn't play well. I thought we played well today. We didn't come out with a win, but that's baseball. I'm proud of our guys."

(Ref.: Gunnar Carroll)
"With Gunnar, it's more than what you see on the field; it's his leadership and his personality. He's only a sophomore and we feed off of his energy. Like they say, `There are 4,000 special people at West Point.' I'd like to think we have 35 on our roster, and Gunnar's even on the top of that. He's an exceptional leader and an exceptional person. He came into that ballgame and pumped strikes from the first pitch, all the way through. It was a great ballgame to be a part of, and Gunnar Carroll was the right man for the job. If I had to do it all over again, that's who would go in."

(Ref.: Logan Lee)
"Logan had a tremendous year. He brought a perfect game into the last inning twice this year. He came away with a no-hitter and a one-hitter. That's pretty hard to do in back-to-back weeks. Then he pitched a shutout in the playoff series, and then he comes here and he does that. When you are at this level, a lot of guys try to throw harder. Logan is not the guy that tries to throw harder. A lot of scouts are interested in him because he knows how to pitch. He knows his strengths and he knows his limitations."

(Ref.: Army's seniors)
"You come to West Point, you coach at West Point and you stay at West Point, because of what it is. What is difficult about today, for us, is not necessarily the loss. What is difficult about today, is saying goodbye to our seniors. They are not just normal seniors; they are guys that are going places for us and they stand for us. They deserve to go out as winners. They are winners. One game, one weekend, will never change that. To be at West Point, to see what they do every day, to feel what they do, to go through the ups and downs, is irreplaceable. There is no better place in the world. I'm proud of these young men. They played great baseball today. They are even better people than they are baseball players."

Senior LHP Logan Lee
(Ref.: playing in such a close game)
"My job is to keep the team in the game so I just wanted to get three outs as quickly as possible and get back in the dugout so that the guys can get on base and get runs in. It was a fun game to be a part of. Close games are more fun than blowouts. Leadoff walks hurt me a little bit. They led to one run, but other than that, I thought it was a good game. We played well."

(Ref.: Army's season as a whole)
"The year started out kind of rough for me, but after Florida, I really found my groove. This is one of the better teams that I've been a part of and I've been happy to be a part of it. It has been an honor. Forty-one wins - a school record - makes for a great experience."

(Ref.: how he prepared for today's game)
"I didn't study Appalachian State or Oklahoma too much during the week. I just focused on stuff that I needed to do to get better for the weekend. Then, last night I sat and watched the game. Appalachian State threw a righty so it was a little different, but it was still good to see the hitters ahead of time and get an idea of what I was facing."

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