Army Press Conference Quotes

June 2, 2012

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Head Coach Joe Sottolano
(Ref.: opening statement)
"First, I'd like to compliment and congratulate Virginia," said Army head coach Joe Sottolano. "They are a club that understands their strengths, and they understand what they have to do in order to win. They played the game well, took advantage of their opportunities and put some balls in play when they needed to. I thought we gave them some help in certain situations, and they took advantage of that. My hat goes off to them; I think they're a well-coached ballclub. They threw strikes and didn't try to do anything crazy. They just try to play the game the way it's supposed to be played.

"One of our goals when we get here is to play well, and obviously that wasn't our best ballgame. We understand that it takes two (losses to be eliminated), and we haven't lost anything at this point. We are excited about the opportunity tomorrow brings, and we're ready to get back on the field."

(Ref.: the offensive struggles of Kevin McKague, J.T. Watkins and Harold Earls today)
"Those are guys that have led to our offense all year, and have had some quality at-bats. They looked like different hitters to me today. I thought Virginia's pitchers threw and did a nice job. I didn't think they were overwhelming or overly special, but they're well-coached and they threw strikes. I thought, maybe, we were trying to do a little bit too much, and that's my fault. Mental preparation for the game starts and ends with me. That's something that I have to work on for tomorrow in order to get them back in it.

"I believe that everyone respects what our guys stand for, but ultimately we want people to respect us as a baseball team. You have to be a pretty good ballclub when you win 41 games, but we didn't show that today. At this level, one bad weekend can cost you; one bad game can cost you. You can't always be at your best, but we look forward to another opportunity (tomorrow). They give you double-elimination for a reason."

(Ref.: the performance of Virginia starting pitcher Branden Kline)
"I thought he did a nice job of competing in the strike zone. He didn't give us many free passes, and he threw strikes. He was up in the zone a little bit, and I didn't think we took advantage of that. He threw his slider well, and did a good job of competing in the zone. He also did a great job of controlling the running game in terms of being quick to the plate and not allowing us to expand leads. I thought that slowed us down a little bit."

Junior RHP Chris Rowley
(Ref.: early struggles finding the strike zone)
"Mentally, I just didn't prepare myself like I should have. Looking back at what I've done this season, stuff like that (five walks, four hit batsmen) just doesn't happen unless I'm not engaged mentally like I should be. The fact of the matter is that I let my teammates down by doing that. I let Virginia expand on that lead a little bit because of the free passes. If you take away those free passes, I think we have a pretty good game because we hit the ball pretty well and we fielded pretty well until the later innings. If I throw strikes and the other pitchers throw strikes, we would have had a pretty good ballgame."

(Ref.: whether or not the suspended game affected him today)
"You do the same thing regardless, and the only thing that changed today was that I started a game with a 1-1 count and a runner on first base. There should be no carry-over physically. I think mentally is where I lacked focus and I take responsibility for that."

(Ref.: comparing today's start to his start versus Lafayette in the Patriot League Tournament)
"You could draw comparisons, I think. You look at the stage of the game, maybe. That was in the conference tournament and this is an NCAA Regional tournament. I think that's something that I need to go back and re-focus on. I need to find a way to keep that from happening because that's unacceptable. For me to come out and hit four batters is unacceptable."

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