Abigail Stampfler Diary

Abigail Stampfler Diary

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Oct. 28, 2004

This weekend is huge for Army volleyball. We have started the second round of the Patriot League and are well on our way at 7-1 in league play. This weekend we play Navy and American. We have been practicing hard and preparing for this weekend. As a team, we grow stronger each day and what these games need to come down to is volleyball—we will not look at records or rivalries, but we will rely on fundamentals and the team. This will be the first time the plebes have ever played Navy at home. This is a huge game and when I was a plebe, the home game against Navy was one of my most memorable volleyball experiences ever. To all of the plebes: have fun and get ready for three more years of great Army-Navy volleyball! For the seniors on the team, the game on Saturday night is our last home game ever. This is also our last game against Navy (unless we play them in the Patriot League Championships). This game, I am sure, will also rank as one of my most memorable. For Caitlin and Rachael: have fun and thanks for the memories! After these last two home games, we are on the road for the whole month of November. Thanks to the loyal fans that come out every week and support us!


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