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Abigail Stampfler Diary

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Sept. 16, 2004

Last weekend I had the privilege and honor of playing in the first All Armed Forces Tournament down at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Not only was this a weekend for good volleyball, but it was also a chance for all the teams to raise money for a good cause to help families that lost people in the September 11th attacks.

At the banquet on Thursday night, I spoke about what I remember from that fateful day and how it has changed the life of all service members forever, for now we all have a new mission and a new objective.

I am honored to serve with all of those women, even though we play on rival teams right now. Army played Air Force and the Citadel last weekend, and while I have played Air Force before, I must admit that I never knew much about the Citadel.

This tournament was a great experience and will be a valuable tradition to continue. I am only sad that this tradition started my senior year here, but I will definitely try to make it back to watch every year that I can. It is a great time to build a bond with other women in different services and learn that, even though we play for different teams now, in a few years (or months in my case) we will all be on the same team battling against a common enemy.

As for the Army team, we are back to our hard work at practice and are very excited to host another home tournament this weekend.


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