army-navy game

Tickets & Seating

Among the many benefits of being an Army A Club member is the ability to purchase tickets for this extraordinary event. The quantity and location of your tickets are determined your Army A Club membership level. Please see the Army A Club Benefits Chart here for more information.

The most popular Army-Navy benefits include access to club level seating and the Army-Navy hotel and gala package. Both benefits are a great way to take your Army-Navy experience to another level. You will find a more detailed explanation of these two benefits below.

Army-Navy Club Level Seating* - MAJ Level ($750) and Higher
One of the most popular benefits that the Army A Club has to offer is access to club level seating for the Army-Navy football game. Club level seating provides you with great seats, the luxury of access to a climate controlled indoor area to escape the cold during breaks in the game, and other amenities that greatly enhance the Army-Navy experience.

The priority deadline for ordering Army-Navy tickets is Tuesday, July 14, 2015. Placing your club level seating requests by the priority deadline and upgrading your membership to COL level ($1,500) or higher will significantly improve our ability to accommodate club level requests. *Please note that club level seating is based on availability and will be allocated based on Army A Club membership level and priority points.

Army-Navy Hotel and Gala Package - CIC Level ($10,000) and Higher
The Army-Navy game package not only includes two complimentary passes to the Gala on Friday night prior to the game, but also provides you with an opportunity to reserve a room at the official Army West Point hotel. There is no better place to stay for the Army-Navy weekend for Army West Point fans, as the official host hotel provides a great atmosphere and camaraderie leading up to the game. The Gala is a formal dinner that brings celebrities, grads and high ranking officials from both academies. Complete with a cocktail hour, open bar, a three course meal, and a great atmosphere. This event is a great way to kick off a memorable weekend.