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Priority Points

Explanation of Army A Club Priority Point System

The Army A Club Priority Point System has been established to provide a systematic, orderly, fair, and equitable process to prioritize requests. It is a measure that represents every participant's support and association with the Academy and its Athletic Department.

Priority points are assigned as follows:

Current Annual Pledge
3 POINTS for every $100 pledged to the Army A Club during current calendar year; half must be paid by July 15 to be eligible for Football Benefits

Lifetime Giving
1 POINT for every $100 given to the Athletic Department in donor's life

Season Tickets Purchased
1/2 POINT for every Football Season Ticket purchased

Consecutive Years Purchasing Season Tickets
1 POINT for every consecutive year patron has purchased a Football Season Ticket since 1968

Consecutive Years Giving To the Army A Club
2 POINTS for each consecutive year donor has given to Army A Club

Graduates of USMA
5 POINTS for every patron that graduated from USMA

The Army A Club Priority Point System will be used to determine:

  • Army-Navy Seat Location
  • Parking Passes Assigned to Lots Where Demand Exceeds Supply
  • Away Game Ticket Allocation and Seat Location
  • Bowl Game Ticket Allocation and Seat Location
  • Basketball Tournament Ticket Allocation and Seat Location

All Army A Club participants who qualify and request consideration for such benefits will be sequenced in priority point order and assigned each benefit according to their priority ranking.

Current seating assignments in Michie Stadium will not be affected by the Priority Point System.

Each Army A Club participant has a priority point total unique to his or her giving history and other associations with the Academy and the Athletic Department. You must make an annual contribution at the minimum giving level to the Army A Club each year or purchase at least one Football Season Ticket to activate your priority point total.

In situations where demand exceeds supply for tickets to athletic contests, the point program will be used to determine who will receive tickets.