events & hospitality


Welcome Reception

While enjoying beautiful views of the Hudson River, start football game days off with a cup of coffee and a continental breakfast with your fellow Army A Club members and USMA Leadership. The Welcome Reception takes place one hour before the start of the cadet review at the West Point Club.

Cadet Review

The cadet review takes place 3 hours before kick-off (weather permitting) on The Plain and is one of the time honored traditions of West Point.

Superintendent's Tailgate

The Superintendent's Tailgate is a great way to get excited for game day. While enjoying a gourmet buffet and open bar in the Superintendent's Garden, the USMA Superintendent addresses the crowd and the cheerleaders and band perform. This takes place 2 hours prior to kickoff.

Kimsey Club

The Kimsey Club is the place to go to get out of the elements on a hot or cold afternoon. It is located on the south end zone of Michie Stadium and includes an elaborate buffet with a carving station. Doors open two hours before kick-off and it stays open throughout the football game.

*You need to purchase both a football game ticket as well as Kimsey Club passes to have access to this area.