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Institutional control of athletics is a fundamental principle of NCAA legislation. It requires each institution to conduct its intercollegiate athletics programs in accordance with the rules and regulations of the NCAA. This responsibility includes ensuring that staff members and other groups representing the institution's athletics interests comply with all applicable rules. In other words, the United States Military Academy is responsible for YOUR actions!

This brochure is intended to provide you with some basic information concerning NCAA rules as they relate to representatives of athletics interests. The complexity of NCAA regulations makes it impossible to cover every relevant situation; therefore, this document should not be relied upon exclusively. If you have questions concerning prospective student-athletes or enrolled cadet-athletes, please contact one of the following members of Army Compliance Office:

Ron Salvatore
Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance and Academics
(845) 9380-2576

The consequences for acting contrary to NCAA legislation can be severe. Athletics representatives found to be in violation of NCAA rules, regardless of whether the violation results in the imposition of sanctions, are subject to the loss of all benefits and privileges received from the United States Military Academy.


Representative of Athletics Interests
A "representative of athletics interests" (i.e., booster) is any individual or group that has:

  • Been a member of an organization promoting Army Athletics.
  • Contributed to the Army Athletics Department or its booster organizations (e.g., West Point Association of Graduates).
  • Assisted in evaluating or recruiting prospective student-athletes.
  • Provided benefits (e.g., employment) to prospective student-athletes, enrolled cadet-athletes, or their family members.

Dear Alumni, Staff and Friends of West Point:

Thank you very much for your loyal support of Army West Point Athletics.

One of the great things about our program is the enthusiasm of our fan base. Indeed, we consider each of our supporters to be a valuable asset, not just to the athletics department, but to the West Point community as a whole.

However, that enthusiasm must remain within the purview of NCAA rules and regulations. The United States Military Academy, like all NCAA member institutions, is responsible for the actions of all individuals and entities involved in the promotion of its intercollegiate athletics program. This means that non-athletics staff members, alumni, and friends of West Point are just as responsible for upholding NCAA standards as are our coaches and athletics administrators. This is a very serious responsibility. As several national news stories have made clear, a violation of NCAA rules by a fan or supporter can result in very serious sanctions.

The NCAA's definition of a "representative of athletics interests," also sometimes called a "booster," is broad enough to cover virtually anyone who roots for Army - and there are a host of rules which apply to such individuals. This pamphlet was designed to provide you with a primer on the most important of these rules, particularly those which deal with the interaction between boosters and prospective and enrolled cadet-athletes. Please review this information carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, or you are aware of a potential NCAA rules violation, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Athletics Compliance at (845) 938-2576.

Thank you again for your support of our cadet-athletes and sport programs. We are counting on you to help us further our commitment to winning the right way and developing leaders of character for the United States Army.

Go Army!

Eugene F. Corrigan, Jr.
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
(845) 938-3701

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