Stacy Schretzman
Stacy Schretzman

Operations Manager

Stacy Schretzman joined the Army A Club staff in March of 2012. In her role as the Operations Manager, she assists donors with their yearly A Club donations, corporate matching gifts, ticket orders, and parking, while supporting all events in the A Club.

Prior to the Army Athletic Association, she worked at the University of Dayton as an Administrative Associate for head basketball coach Brian Gregory, and as a Customer Account Professional for USAA.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minn., and Dayton, Ohio, Schretzman and her husband, Lt. Col. Chuck Schretzman, reside at West Point with their youngest daughter, Chloe. The couple's two older children, Zack and Olivia, are both cadets at West Point.

Schretzman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Communications from Bentley University.