Ron Salvatore
Ron Salvatore

Asst. AD/Compliance & Academics

Ron Salvatore began his career with the Army Athletic Association in 2004 in the team operations office. He moved to compliance in 2005 and has been in that capacity ever since.

Salvatore's current role of Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance and Academics gives him a managerial role, but still involving him with the NCAA and its bylaws and cadet-athletes. He assists coaches and staff in interpreting and applying NCAA bylaws, publishes a compliance newsletter, maintains files on cadet-athletes, maintains rosters, administers the annual recruiting test, establishes and maintains official playing season dates and a variety of other duties.

A member of the Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance subcommittee, Salvatore was an honors graduate of Purchase University in 1999 where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Art History. Salvatore was born at West Point and worked as a ticket-taker as a child. He has won three awards for distinguished service for work at the United States Military Academy.