NCAA Banned Drug Classes

Dietary Sports Supplements sold over the counter may contain NCAA banned substances. Please be aware of the following information concerning supplementation:

  • Most supplemental aids lack scientific proof.
  • Most supplements have not been tested adequately for efficacy, purity, or safety.
  • Be careful of misleading product information.
  • “Natural” does not mean safe.
  • “More” is seldom better.
  • Nothing replaces well-balanced diet that includes a variety of high quality foods.
  • Athletes use supplements at their own risk.

    The following is a list of supplements containing banned substances. It is only a small sampling of the number and types of supplements that are available over the counter today and is not all-inclusive.


  • Ephedra or Ma Huang, Epitonin or sida cordifolia
    Brand supplements containing Ephedra:

    Herbal Ectasy 3-Andro Xtreme Shape-Fast Plus Adipokinetix Thermogen Tea Animal Cuts Metabolife 356 BetaLean Ultimate Orange Dyma-Bum Xtreme Diet Fuel Dymetadrine Xtreme Herbal Rush Energel Energy Rush Metacuts Xenadrine Thermo Speed Biodrine Yellow Jacket Ripped Fuel Ripped Force

  • Androstenedione, Norandro, DHEA, DHT, and Tribulus Terrestris
    Brand supplements containing 19 Norandrostenedione, Androstenediol and Dehyfroepiandrosterone (DHEA):

    3-Andro Xtreme Andro-Gen Andro-Stack Androstat Animal Stak Nor Andro Ripped Fuel Nor-Stak Nor-Tek

  • GHB/GBL - Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate or Gamma Butyrolactone
    Supplements containing GHB/GBL include:

    Rest-EZE Renewtrient Blue Nitro Gamma G Revivarant G IsomaX GH revitalizer Firewater GHR Invigorate Remforce Somatomax - PM

  • Synephrine or citrus aurantium or zhi shi
    Supplements containing synephrine

    Thermo-Lift Herbal Thermotabs

  • Garcinia cambogia
    Supplements containing garcinia cambogia:

    Hydroxycitrate Hydroxycut Citrimax

    Resources: Team Physician
    Team Athletic Trainer
    USCC Surgeon x4703
    USMA Dietician - Ms. Kidd x7519
    Dr. Todd Crowder - DPE x2667

    If you’re an NCAA student-athlete, it is your responsibility to know about NCAA banned substances.
    Alcohol Prohibited by Riflery
    Anabolic steroids Prohibited
    Beta2 Agonists (e.g., asthma meds) Prohibited or Restricted
    Beta Blockers Prohibited by Riflery
    Corticosteroids (e.g., prednisone) Allowed
    Dietary Supplements WARNING*
    Diuretics Prohibited
    Local Anesthetics Restricted
    Masking Agents Prohibited
    Peptide Hormones (e.g., growth hormone) Prohibited
    Stimulants (e.g., ephedrine) Prohibited
    Street Drugs (e.g., marijuana) Prohibited

    Prohibited: drug class may not be used.
    Restricted: drug class may be used under special circumstances defined by the NCAA.
    Allowed: category may be used, assuming the use is legal, appropriate or medically justified.

    Products sold as over-the-counter dietary supplements might contain NCAA banned substances. No one can guarantee the purity of a dietary supplement. You are solely responsible for what you consume. If you use, you use at your own risk! This information is for educational purposes only. If you have any questions about NCAA banned substances contact:

    The REC does not provide dietary supplement recommendations or medical advice.

    This document is available free of charge from the National center for Drug Free Sport, Duplication is encouraged