Compliance at West Point

Welcome to the compliance page at! This website is intended to serve as a compliance reference tool for the coaches, staff members, student-athletes, prospective student-athletes, boosters, and fans of the United States Military Academy. This page does not cover every NCAA rule or compliance situation. However, it does provide each viewer with an overview of the most important regulations and policies that govern intercollegiate athletics.  If you have questions about any of the information contained on the website, please contact the Army West Point Athletics compliance staff.  

Thank you for your continued commitment to rules compliance and your support for Army West Point Athletics.

Mission of the Army West Point Athletics Compliance Office

To provide guidance to the entire United States Military Academy community with regard to the NCAA and conference rules, regulations, and standards which mandate integrity and fair play in all our affairs.

Toward this end, the Compliance Office endeavors to:

  • Educate coaches, cadet-athletes, staff, and fans regarding NCAA and conference rules, as well as, the compliance expectations of West Point.
  • Provide coaches, cadet-athletes, staff, and fans with interpretations of rules and assist in their rules compliance efforts.
  • Monitor activities of the athletics department and the United States Military Academy in order to ensure compliance with NCAA and conference rules.
  • Maintain accurate records in areas critical to compliance.
  • Investigate and report violations of NCAA and conference rules.

NCAA Principle of Institutional Control

Every NCAA member institution must exercise control and maintain responsibility for its intercollegiate athletics program.  Institutional control requires the implementation, monitoring, and enforcement of formal policies and procedures designed to prevent violations.  An institution is considered to be "in control" of its athletics program when it has policies and procedures in place that result in prompt detection, investigation, and reporting of violations.  At the institutional level, this means that USMA is accountable to the NCAA for the actions of its coaches, administrators, staff, student-athletes, alumni, boosters, and fans.  Therefore, rules compliance is everyone's responsibility.  


Please be advised that NCAA rules forbid fans and supporters of Army West Point Athletics from tweeting or otherwise contacting prospects with the intent of encouraging their enrollment and athletics participation at the United States Military Academy. While we appreciate your enthusiasm, if expressed in a manner contrary to NCAA rules, it may result in a young man or woman becoming ineligible to compete for an Army team. Please help us to win in the right way and abide by all NCAA legislation. Go Army!

Reporting Suspected NCAA Rules Infractions

Rules compliance is an important responsibility for all NCAA member institutions.  The United States Military Academy is committed to conducting its athletics program within the rules and regulations of the NCAA and all member conferences.  All athletics department personnel, as well as, non-athletics staff with compliance responsibilities are obligated to report violations of NCAA or conference rules.  Others (cadet-athletes, boosters, fans, etc.) may also report a suspected violation by notifying a member of the athletics compliance staff, the Director of Athletics, an associate director of athletics, or the Faculty Athletics Representative.

Athletics Compliance Staff Contact Information

Address: Army West Point Athletic Association
              Office of Athletics Compliance
              639 Howard Road
              West Point, NY  10996

Phone:   845-938-2576

Fax:       845-938-8707